What To Do If You Found A Lost Dog

If you have found a lost or stray dog, please follow the steps listed below to help reunite them with their beloved owner! Thank you for keeping them safe and secure in the meantime.

  • Secure the pet in a safe location. Assess for any medical emergencies. If the animal needs emergency assistance, please call our Animal Protection Team at (423) 305-6500 x1.
  • If the found pet is friendly, and in good shape, give the MAC Admissions Team a call at (423) 305-6500 x3 and follow the steps below.
  • Post the found pet on websites such as  www.craigslist.org,  www.pawboost.com,  www.fidofinder.com,  www.petharbor.com and  www.petcolovelost.org
  • Post the found pet on community boards, Facebook pages/groups, etc.
  • Make flyers and post around your neighborhood. Consider going door to door to see if it belongs to a neighbor!
  • Take the pet to a local veterinarian (or MAC) to scan for a microchip or see if they recognize the animal as a patient.
  • Stay near the area of where you found the pet! Pets often don’t go far when they are away from their homes.
  • File a ‘Found Pet’ report with the MAC Admissions Team by calling (423) 305-6500 x3. If you are able to keep the animal, or have interest in adopting once the stray period has passed, you will be asked to become a ‘Finder Minder’.
  • If you are within the City limits of Chattanooga, Red Bank or Lakesite bring the animal to MAC. This should be your last option. Animals have a much better chance of being reunited with their owner outside of a shelter. If you are outside our service area, please visit and check with your local shelter.