Animal Protection Services

McKamey Animal Center (MAC) is the proud provider of 365/24/7 Animal Protection Services for the Cities of Chattanooga, Red Bank and Lakesite, Tennessee. If you live outside of this area, please find your respective animal protection team and shelter to report animal cruelty or neglect. 

If you need to report animal cruelty or neglect within our service area, please call us at (423) 305-6500, and press 1. Due to the high volume of calls, our Dispatchers are often times already on the phone. Please leave a detailed voicemail with your first name, last name, phone number, address of report, relevant information, and description of the animal(s), and we will be in touch with you ASAP. You may also text us at (423) 305-6500 during normal business hours. Please include a detailed message with a call back number.

Other Service Providers Nearby

Please check this the Hamilton County’s GISMO Mapping system to see where your address is.

If you live in unincorporated Hamilton County, please contact the Humane Educational Society or call (423) 624-5302.

If you live in East Ridge, please contact East Ridge Animal Services and Shelter or call (423) 664-0271. 

They Can't Call Us, But You Can

Animal cruelty and neglect can be reported to McKamey Animal Center by contacting us.

Ordinances in Our Cities

All dogs must be contained to a person via leash or owner’s property at all times.

No dogs are allowed to roam freely in our community. Even the sweetest of dogs can start to behave differently when they are not under the control of their owner so it is essential we prevent accidents from occurring. There are many ways to ensure your pet is appropriately contained: leash under 6 feet long, fenced-in yard or pen, or appropriate tether with access to a dog house and water access.

The minimum requirements for all owned animals include:

1) Providing access to clean food and water bowls, fresh water, and edible food.

2) Appropriate Shelter. Outside pets or dogs outside without the owner’s home, must have access to a shelter or dog house that protects the pet from weather, meaning it has four solid walls and a roof. There also needs to be enough shelters to fit how many outside pets there are. When under 35 degrees, extra insulation such as straw is required for their shelter.

3) Adequate Space. The pet must have access to an area that allows for appropriate movement and exercise for the breed.

4) Necessary Medical Attention. Pets must receive appropriate medical care when health concerns arise.

5) Sanitary Living Conditions. Your pet’s living areas (whether they be cages, kennels or general family living spaces) should be clean and free of debris, fecal matter, urine, etc. There should not be visible roaches or other pests, and the area should not smell strongly of urine, feces, ammonia, or perfumes aimed at hiding those odors.

All pets living within the Cities of Chattanooga, Red Bank or Lake Site must have an up to date Rabies vaccine and a city license provided by McKamey Animal Center. These are available for purchase online or in person at MAC. Please visit our City License page to learn more and purchase yours today.

Dogs must not bark for 15 minutes straight or 30 minutes off-and-on within a 24 hour period. Dog ARE allowed to bark when they are protecting their property from a trespassing person or are provoked, teased, or responding to an emergency.

Dogs cannot be chained or tethered between 10 PM – 6 AM. Dogs must be tethered to a sanitary, safe object that prevents them from being tangled.


There are many obstacles to keep in mind if you choose to chain/tether your dog:

1) Dogs cannot be chained or tethered between 10pm-6am.

2) Dogs must be tethered to a sanitary, safe object that prevents them from being tangled.

3) They must not be able to reach a neighboring property or a sidewalk.

4) The tether must weigh no more than 1/5 of the dog’s weight and needs to be at least 3x the length of the dog.

5) You cannot allow more than one animal to be tethered in the same area.

Animals cannot be left unattended in a vehicle when it over 70 degrees outside.


Animals cannot be left unattended in a vehicle without appropriate air flow being provided. Air Conditioning and Heat must be provided depending on which season it is. Remember, it is always safer to leave your animal at home. 

To see the full list of ordinances for the City of Chattanooga, please click here.

To see the fill list of ordinances for the City of Red Bank, please click here.

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