Pet Care Resources

We know that anyone can find themselves struggling to care for their pet, and we’re here to help!  Our goal is to keep families together, whether that means providing free pet food, low cost preventive veterinary care or assistance with pet-friendly housing.  MAC’s programs and services are open to all residents of Chattanooga, Red Bank and Lakesite: spay/neuter, and vaccination services are open to all Hamilton County residents.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  At this time we are not able to fund veterinary care for pets beyond preventive vaccines and spay/neuter. If you require assistance with veterinary care for your pet, please consider applying for Care Credit or ask if your veterinarian will work with you on a payment plan.

Services Provided by MAC

Most pet food donated to MAC is distributed back into the community.  We not only typically have pet food available here at MAC, we also distribute donated food to food pantries and organizations throughout the community.  Please note that clients are only eligible to receive food once per month, we cannot guarantee specialty or prescription items, and we are dependent upon donations to serve community needs so we may not be able to accommodate types or amounts of food requested. 

We are happy to share pet caretaking items like crates, carriers, litterboxes, leashes, toys and more that have been donated to us.

MAC provides low cost spay and neuter services for pet owners in Hamilton County, TN. For pricing, more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit our Spay/Neuter Services Page.

MAC hosts weekly low-cost vaccine and microchip clinics at the Center every Wednesday from 1 PM to 5 PM, no appointment necessary.  MAC also hosts periodic free and low-cost clinics in locations throughout the community – click HERE to see calendar of upcoming events.

Many of the behaviors that frustrate pet owners are actually fairly easily fixed, and MAC has experts in cat and dog behavior that can help address basic behavioral challenges to help you keep your pet. 

Unfortunately, MAC’s kennels are almost always overflowing with strays and surrendered animals, making boarding additional animals difficult.  We do have relationships with boarding facilities and foster homes around the area that can assist with temporary housing when needed.  We also at times have foster homes available that are willing to help pet owners who need temporary care for their pets due to an emergency (available for individuals partnered with Red Cross, Family Justice Center or other local advocacy organization).  Placement depends on availability, skills and willingness of approved foster homes. While we are committed to doing everything we can to help, we cannot guarantee placement in an emergency boarding facility or foster home.

Finding rental housing that accepts pets can be difficult; when funding allows, MAC can work directly with landlords to help secure pet deposits (up to $250.00) for renters with pets. 

 Occasionally we receive donations of dog houses and cat shelters that can provide shelter for animals outdoors from the elements, and we are happy to share them.

We occasionally have materials and volunteers able to assist pet owners with minor repairs to their fencing, to help ensure their dogs don’t accidentally escape.

Community/feral/loosely owned cats are part of our landscape, and while we care deeply about their welfare we know that for a variety of reasons the last place a healthy community cat should end up is in a shelter.  Please check out our Community Cats web page for information on dealing humanely with nuisance cats, what to do when a community cat or litter of kittens shows up at your door, and preventing unwanted litters.

If you are a Hamilton County resident and would like to apply for support in any of the categories listed above (please note that we cannot assist with emergency veterinary services) please submit our application form by clicking the button below. Please note that it may take up to a week before your application is reviewed and processed. If you are in need of immediate emergency support, please call (423) 305-6500 and leave a detailed message; someone will return your call within 48 hours. 

MAC can offer help for pets, but there are other county and City agencies designed to help those affected by domestic violence: the Family Justice Center are there to help you. They offer a wide range of services, and are there if you need help.

Outside of Hamilton County?

If you live outside of Hamilton County, TN and are in need of assistance please use this tool to find the resources available in your area. Please visit the Human Animal Support Services website.