Donate Shelter Supplies

Thank you so much for thinking of the animals in our care! As you can imagine, we go through the following listed items on a large scale on a daily basis. Any donations are greatly appreciated! You do not need an appointment to drop off donations. You are welcome to bring items by any time our Center is open. Donations can be dropped off inside the Center during regular business hours, or left in the brown weather-proof bins to the left of each entrance.


If you prefer to shop online, check out our and wish lists! Donations can be gifted and mailed directly to us, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Most Needed Items

Keep Our Pantry Stocked

We kindly ask that all food products be unopened.

Pet food – wet or dry.

Pet treats – cat or dog.

Hill’s Science Diet Food – our shelter pets eat this!

We are happy to accept any brand of pet food or treat for adult, senior, or puppies/kittens!

Support Our Foster Program

Check out the Amazon Wish List for our Foster Program!

KMR Kitten or Puppy Formula

Snuggle Safes

Miracle Nipples

Unscented baby wipes

Fleece blankets

Puppy Pads

Uncooked rice

New long socks – tube socks are great!

Heating Pads

Enrichment For Shelter Pets

New or Used Toys – Hard or Soft

Plain Turkey/Chicken Baby Food

Peanut Butter (no xylitol)

Chicken or Beef Broth

Wax Paper

KONG toys

Pipe Cleaners

Cat Nip – Dried

Bully Sticks or Bones

Puzzle Feeders or Licki-Mats

Creature Comforts

Gently used or new linens of all shapes and sizes. 

We love bedding that is twin size or smaller, fleece blankets, baby blankets, wash cloths, hand towels, etc. If it has a hole or stain, that is okay!

Used or new pet beds

Used of new soft plush pet toys

Pet Safe essential oils

Donate a Kuranda Bed

Other Items for Shelter Pets

Cardboard trays – we use these for litter boxes!

Slip Lead Leashes

Gently used or new collars

Poop Bags – plastic grocery bags are our favorite!

Pine Pellet Litter

Dog Tethers

Pet Carriers – Large

Pop-Up Wire Crates – L or XL

Cleaning Supplies


Windex/glass cleaner

Paper Towels

3 ML Contractor size trash bags

Laundry detergent

Clorox (or disinfecting) wipes

Hoses – new only please

Items We Cannot Accept

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we cannot accept the following items: empty prescription bottles, used litter boxes and scoopers, used cat towers, human formula, prong, choke or e-collars, opened pet food or treats, prescription medications, pillows of any kind, crib mattresses, mattress pads, human clothing, etc. If you have a question about an item you would like to donate, please email or call (423)305-6500 x8.

Online Wish Lists