The MAC Angel Fund

The McKamey Animal Center Angel Fund was created in loving memory of Mary Dube, one of MAC’s original advocates and supporters. Mary envisioned a Center where no animal would be turned away, no matter the condition they were in.


The Angel Fund allows us to provide above-and-beyond veterinary care to the animals of MAC, including special surgeries like amputations and enucleations, heartworm treatments, and other procedures that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. It also ensures we can extend assistance to members of the community who might otherwise have to give up their beloved pets.

Stories of Impact

Winky's Story

When a local homeowner heard tiny meows from her backyard one morning, she went out to investigate. In the middle of the grassy yard was a tiny grey and white kitten, covered in dirt, crying for help. Once she got closer, she could see right away something was wrong – the tiny kitten had a bulging eye and needed medical help right away.


The little kitten was brought to MAC in hopes of receiving life-saving care. She was given the name Winky by staff, knowing the eye would need to be removed as soon as possible. In many shelters, a kitten of her condition would have had little chance of survival because the surgery necessary to save her life requires special technical expertise and is extremely costly. But at MAC, we are dedicated to saving as many animals as possible, regardless of what that takes.


Winky was sent to a loving foster home with antibiotics to prevent infection and help with pain management, and once she was healthy enough, she came back to MAC for her life-saving surgery. Today, Winky is perfectly healthy and the most playful kitten living in a wonderful home – all thanks to you!

Bentley's Story

We received an urgent call from a Good Samaritan who lived in a remote area without shelter support or emergency veterinary care.  They found an injured stray dog in the woods, and could tell he had a serious leg injury – what they didn’t realize was that he had been shot. Thankfully they managed to find a caring Chattanooga veterinary office willing to take him in and stabilize him, but they were not sure where to turn next. We knew we had to help, and thanks to your support we didn’t have to think twice.  

Our team named the terrier mix Bentley. He was given fluids, pain medicine, and made as comfortable as possible. Once examined, it was determined the bullet had done more damage to his leg than anticipated.  Our medical team made the difficult call to remove the leg impacted from the wound, knowing this would ultimately save his life.

Today? Bentley lives with his human mom and brother. He plays and runs like any other young pup would, and is living his absolute best life. Donations to our Angel Fund helped to make this happy ending possible!

Muffy's Story

This sweet gal was older, riddled with arthritis and mange, and severely emaciated. Her first few days here at MAC were touch and go, she barely moved, and refused to eat. Muffy came to MAC after we received a call about a “pitiful dog” walking along the side of a busy road, and she absolutely fit that description. We are so thankful to the community member who called our Animal Protection Team to alert us to her.


To be honest with you, Muffy likely wouldn’t have made it much longer on the streets. Dogs like Muffy require lots of intensive medical care to recover from the hardships they have suffered, and they rely on generous support and understanding from animal lovers like you.


Where is Muffy today? Sadly, Muffy was diagnosed with cancer and is living out the rest of her golden years with a dedicated fospice home. She loves to lay in the sun in her new big backyard, eat lots of yummy treats, and hang out with her new doggy siblings. Until her time comes, she will know utmost love, affection and care from her foster home.