MAC Leadership

Inga Fricke

Executive Director

(423) 305-6500 x113

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Becca Ross

Director of Operations

(423) 305-6500 x107

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Alison Grolemund

Director of Animal Care

(423) 305-6500 x160

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Lauren Mann

Director of Advancement

(423) 305-6500 x135

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Mary Howard

Director of Animal Protection

(423) 305-6500 x153

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Christina Tate

Director of Veterinary Services

(423) 305-6500 x155

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Jeff Wilhite

Financial Controller

(423) 305-6500 x112

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Austin Adderholt

Volunteer Manager

(423) 305-6500 x110

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Jessica Leach

Human Resources Manager

(423) 305-6500 x111

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Heather Henley

Intake Supervisor

(423) 305-6500 x410

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Beth Brock

Pathway Planning Manager

(423) 305-6500 x136

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Ashley Calfee

Animal Care Supervisor

(423) 305-6500 x139

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Emily Richards

Foster Coordinator

(423) 305-6500 x134

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Board of Directors

Lee Towery – Chair

Karla McKamey- Vice Chair

Robert Jackson – Secretary

Doug Swafford – Treasurer

Bruce Baird

Joseph Card

Chip Chapman

Cynthia Dale

Eleanor LaPorte

Allie McKamey

Charles Sanford

Tripp Sawyer

Jennifer Thaggard

Sonia Young

Maggie Marsh – City of Chattanooga Representative

Monthly Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every other month at 4:30 PM in the MAC Community Room unless otherwise noted.

McKamey Animal Center

4500 N. Access Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37415

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 10th at 4:30 PM

Next Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 7th at 3 PM

via Zoom

Board Meeting Minutes

Contact Us

McKamey Animal Center

4500 N. Access Rd.

Chattanooga, TN 37415

McKamey Animal Center was founded in 2008, serving the pets and people of the cities of Chattanooga, Red Bank and Lakesite, Tennessee. MAC is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.