Capacity Crisis Update: September 2023

The Good News: So far this summer we have had a remarkable 329 dogs and puppies adopted, and another 130+ reunited with their owners. The Bad News: We still have 478 animals in our care, 297 of which are dogs in our physical facility… that’s sadly more than last year and the year before that.Continue reading “Capacity Crisis Update: September 2023”

The 3-3-3 Rule When Adopting a Dog or Cat

Just like it takes all of us some time to adapt to new situations and environments, adopted dogs and cats have a period of decompression commonly referred to as the 3-3-3 Rule. For most rescue pets, it takes on average 3 months to fully become comfortable and acclimated to their new home. This period ofContinue reading “The 3-3-3 Rule When Adopting a Dog or Cat”

Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while sharing is caring, there are some items on your plate that you may need to keep to yourself! See below for a list of foods that are safe, and unsafe for your pets! Approved Foods for Pets: (in moderation) Foods to Avoid: Keep in mind that someContinue reading “Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts”