Keeping Your Pets Safe & Comfortable In The Summer Heat

If you have stepped outside in the last several weeks, then you will know that this summer weather we have been experiencing is no joke! Just like us, our pets can be vulnerable to the effects of excessive heat and humidity. To help you keep your pets safe and comfortable during these hot and humidContinue reading “Keeping Your Pets Safe & Comfortable In The Summer Heat”

Urgent: MAC surpasses Maximum Capacity

For an animal shelter to function humanely, the number of animals coming in and leaving needs to be equal. When more animals come in than go out, the shelter becomes overcrowded, and animals can’t get the individualized humane care they need and begin to suffer. Shelters all over the country, including MAC, are being askedContinue reading “Urgent: MAC surpasses Maximum Capacity”

MAC Hosts Record Breaking 2023 MAC Gala

McKamey Animal Center – April 30th, 2023 The 2023 MAC Gala has now come and gone and was undoubtedly the most successful gala in the organization’s history, raising over $180,000 for the animals at MAC! Attendees got groovy for a good cause for this year’s theme, Caturday Night Fever, complete with dancing, dinner, drinks, discoContinue reading “MAC Hosts Record Breaking 2023 MAC Gala”

MAC Removes Breed Labels for Dogs in Care

Next time you’re scrolling through the available pets page on the MAC website, you may notice that none of the dogs will have a breed identification anymore. If you’re asking yourself why that is, the answer is actually super simple: MAC will no longer be labeling dogs in our care by breed, but rather, willContinue reading “MAC Removes Breed Labels for Dogs in Care”

Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while sharing is caring, there are some items on your plate that you may need to keep to yourself! See below for a list of foods that are safe, and unsafe for your pets! Approved Foods for Pets: (in moderation) Foods to Avoid: Keep in mind that someContinue reading “Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts”

MAC Unveils New Lure Course in Memory of Late Volunteer

MAC recently unveiled a brand new lure course to honor the memory and legacy of late MAC volunteer, John Williams. Williams unexpectedly passed away in July 2020, during the height of the covid-19 pandemic at 82 years old. John was a devoted and passionate volunteer of McKamey Animal Center from the time the Center opened.Continue reading “MAC Unveils New Lure Course in Memory of Late Volunteer”

Tips For a Pet Safe Halloween

Halloween can be full of good spooky fun for the whole family, including your furry family members. Just like you do, preparing the evening for your pets is important! Below are some tips and suggestions we recommend to prepare for the spookiest of seasons! Be Mindful of Their Costumes Some of the most fun duringContinue reading “Tips For a Pet Safe Halloween”

Grey Muzzle Foundation Supports MAC through $10,000 Grant

Old dogs have something to wag about this summer, as The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients of its annual grants, and the dogs at McKamey Animal Center are among the winners. We are excited to share that MAC is one of 78 animal welfare groups chosen from 344 applicants to receive a grant toContinue reading “Grey Muzzle Foundation Supports MAC through $10,000 Grant”