Capacity Crisis Update: September 2023

The Good News: So far this summer we have had a remarkable 329 dogs and puppies adopted, and another 130+ reunited with their owners. The Bad News: We still have 478 animals in our care, 297 of which are dogs in our physical facility… that’s sadly more than last year and the year before that.Continue reading “Capacity Crisis Update: September 2023”

MAC Resident Miracle Marlee – Available for Special Adoption

Miracle Marlee’s story is one that is going to melt your heart, but in the best way possible. This sweet girl has been through a lot, but has had an inspiring and transformative stay at MAC. Marlee was surrendered to MAC back in June due to her rapidly declining health, as she was quickly losingContinue reading “MAC Resident Miracle Marlee – Available for Special Adoption”

MAC Continues to Face Capacity Crisis

We want to give you an update on where we stand in terms of the capacity crisis we’ve been sharing with you all year.   With 200+ animals adopted from our facility this month alone, it’s easy to assume we are virtually empty! But while these amazing adoption numbers have been literal lifesavers for thoseContinue reading “MAC Continues to Face Capacity Crisis”

McKamey Animal Center Receives $55,000 Grant from Petco Love

MAC is excited to announce that we are the recipient of a $55,000 grant from the Petco Love Foundation. Petco Love, formerly known as the Petco Foundation, is an animal welfare organization committed to creating a better world for animals and the people who love and need them. This $55,000 investment will help MAC continueContinue reading “McKamey Animal Center Receives $55,000 Grant from Petco Love”

Grey Muzzle Foundation Supports MAC through $10,000 Grant

Old dogs have something to wag about this summer, as The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients of its annual grants, and the dogs at McKamey Animal Center are among the winners. We are excited to share that MAC is one of 78 animal welfare groups chosen from 344 applicants to receive a grant toContinue reading “Grey Muzzle Foundation Supports MAC through $10,000 Grant”

April is Heartworm Awareness Month

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and you are probably thinking “yeah, I’ve heard that heartworms are serious, and my vet tells me I should give my pet those chews to prevent it.” But do you know just how prevalent the disease is? And how deadly? And how difficult (not to mention expensive!) it isContinue reading “April is Heartworm Awareness Month”

Kitten Season is Here! How You Can Help.

Every Spring, our MAC team holds our breath as we anticipate the influx of orphaned kittens. As the days begin to warm, unaltered cats begin to reproduce, thus leading to a flood of found and more often than not, orphaned kittens. In 2021, our foster team cared for more than 1,000 animals, most of whichContinue reading “Kitten Season is Here! How You Can Help.”