MAC Resident Miracle Marlee – Available for Special Adoption

Miracle Marlee’s story is one that is going to melt your heart, but in the best way possible. This sweet girl has been through a lot, but has had an inspiring and transformative stay at MAC. Marlee was surrendered to MAC back in June due to her rapidly declining health, as she was quickly losing the ability to walk in her forelegs. Her prior owners did seek vet care, but were understandably not able to afford the thousands of dollars quoted for testing.

After multiple examinations from our in-house vets and our friends in the vet community, she was deemed to have cervical stenosis, commonly known as ‘wobblers’. Wobblers syndrome affects the spinal cord and cervical vertebrae. All of her muscles around those vertebrae are super tight and compressed, causing her front feet to fold in. She just walks a little differently than other dogs!

Our friends at Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain have been working with Marlee closely over the last few months, treating her twice a week with physical therapy. These treatments have been crucial to her recovery. The best part? It seems to be working! Marlee has “reversed” the bend in her feet, allowing her to walk, run, and jump like a ‘normal’ dog would. Although she is still a little shaky (wobbly!) on her feet, she is working so, so hard to be fully mobile.

While she has made so much progress during her time here at MAC, she still has a long road ahead of her to get to where she needs to be. Because of this, we are seeking a very special person, for a very special pup! She will need to continue her physical therapy beyond adoption to ensure that she continues to see progress in her rehabilitation.

Marlee has been the sweetest dog from day one. She loves to play, snuggle, and run around just like any other dog would! She is 10 months old, and still has that fun puppy energy that is sure to win you over. She even has made a few other doggo friends while she’s been here!

We are eager to share her story as often as we can so we can help her find her forever home as quickly as possible. She is currently staying in one of the feature rooms in our adoptions lobby, meaning that every single adopter who walks through our doors will be greeted by Marlee and her bubbly personality. She’s also been featured several times on our social media channels, and even recently on our local news media. She’s practically a local Chattanooga celebrity now.

If you are interested in learning more and/or adopting this sweet girl, we ask that you please email Her adoption process will be slightly different than our typical process because of her special needs and medical history. We know her perfect home is out there! Is it with you?

Pictured (right) Marlee enjoying a day in our administration offices. (Above) Marlee wiped out in the car after a visit with the local news!

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