K9-to-5 Program

Want to help adoptable animals but don’t have room for another at home? How about taking one to work? Having pets in the workplace can be a great morale booster, especially if their stay winds up with you finding them a loving new home! Our MAC K-9-to-5 partners get all of the benefits of furry friend companionship without any of the long-term commitment!


How It Works

You tell us when you’re ready for an adoptable animal at your workplace, and we’ll hand-pick one just for you and have it ready to go! You also set the schedule – some partners take a new dog for one day each week, others take a dog and keep it until it finds a new home. We’re flexible! All we ask is that you ensure your workplace pup stays safe and happy and that we are notified about and approve any potential adopters before the dog leaves your care. It really is as easy as that!

Thank You to Our K9 to 5 Partners