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Capacity Crisis Update: September 2023

The Good News: So far this summer we have had a remarkable 329 dogs and puppies adopted, and another 130+ reunited with their owners.

The Bad News: We still have 478 animals in our care, 297 of which are dogs in our physical facility… that’s sadly more than last year and the year before that. 297 dogs in a facility designed to humanely house only 200. And more arrive on our doorstep every day – just in the last week more than 100 strays have come in.

Our offices are filled with dogs, we have pop-up crates in areas where they typically shouldn’t be, and have turned areas that are not designed to house animals into temporary holding spots. Some of the dogs in our care have been waiting months, even years for a new family of their own. One of our longest residents, Cheeks? He’s been waiting over 600 days for his own forever home. Imagine your own beloved pet in an overcrowded, noisy, chaotic shelter. The animals here are losing hope and displaying signs of kennel stress and depression. As kind, dedicated and loving as our staff, fosters and volunteers are, the love and devoted attention a family in a home can provide to an animal is unmatched. This is not what you would want for your own pet, and it’s not what any of us here at MAC want for any of our nearly 300 residents either.

We need your help. We do not have enough space or resources for the number of dogs being abandoned, found running loose or given up by owners who are no longer able to care for them. We are grateful for those who have helped already, but we need your continued support to reduce the number of dogs coming in, increase the number adopted and reclaimed and overall reduce our shelter overcrowding.

What can you do to help?

If You Find A Lost Pet: If you find a lost/stray pet we ask that you help us by holding on to them as long as you can and assist in finding their owner. File a ‘Found Pet’ report with us immediately so we can review our lost pet reports and try to make a match. Post them on local Facebook groups, pages, apps like Nextdoor, and lost pet service websites like Petco Love Lost and Pawboost. Take them to a local veterinarian and see if they recognize them or have a microchip. Go old school and make flyers to post around your neighborhood. Pets often don’t go far when they are away from their homes and you can help us immensely by playing pet detective with us.

If you have to bring a pet you have found to us, please be patient. We may ask you to wait a few days and come in during a designated time. We know that might be an inconvenience, but our staff are quite literally shuffling animals around each day to try and make space.

If You Need to Rehome Your Pet: If you find yourself having to rehome your pet, we understand – life happens. If there is something we can do to help resolve your problem and keep your pet home, like providing pet food, behavior advice, supplies, etc., we are more than happy to assist. If that is not an option, please be patient, as it could take weeks for us to make space and get you a surrender appointment. In the meantime we will provide you with a list of resources to try and rehome your pet on your own. Please do not simply try to turn your pet in as a stray – not only does that extend your pet’s stay here, it makes adoption much more difficult because we won’t be able to get critical information about their likes/dislikes/behavior. Please do not abandon your pet – this is illegal and makes things much more difficult for everyone involved, including the animal.

Adopt a Homeless Pet: We always have animals of all types, ages and sizes waiting for their new home. If you have been on the fence about adopting, now is the time! See all adoptable pets here:

Foster a Homeless Pet: If you can’t commit to a new pet full-time, consider a temporary house guest. We will provide you with whatever supplies you may need and you can keep them for as little or as long as you like. Even one night out of the shelter can do wonders for the animals. Apply to be a foster here:

Volunteer at Our Shelter: Whether it’s helping to wash dishes, making enrichment puzzles, walking dogs or snuggling with some kitties, we have something for every person to help out with, and you will likely get even more out of the experience than the animals do! Apply to be a volunteer here:

Donate Supplies or Make A Special Gift: With all the animals in our care and supporting our community to prevent more from coming in, you can imagine how quickly we are burning through supplies. Pet food, treats, durable toys, linens, cat litter, plastic bags, etc. – these are all items that we go through on a regular basis and are greatly appreciated. You can see our full list of items needed here: Monetary donations are also, of course, greatly appreciated. Having unrestricted funds on hand helps us to provide for the animals in our care specifically dependent upon their individual needs. Donations can be made through Facebook, in person at the Center, over the phone, through snail mail or online through our website.

Advocate for Us, Advocate for the Animals: You can be a critical life-saving voice for the animals right from home! Share this post, tell your friends and family members about the animals waiting for new homes at MAC, and scour neighborhood lost and found reports to help reunite lost pets. Be a voice for the voiceless and stand by our side as we continue to struggle through this national sheltering crisis. We can’t do it without your support.

We thank you for standing by us and supporting us through this difficult time for MAC and all other shelters across the nation. Together, we will be the light at the end of the tunnel for the animals.

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